Medical Records

Welcome to the Medical Records Request page. Please follow these important steps:

  1. To request a copy of your outpatient records, you’ll need to click here to download the form authorizing The GW Medical Faculty Associates to release your medical records.
  2. Complete all fields on the authorization form(s).
  3. After you complete, sign and date the authorization form(s), you can either
    1. Fax the completed form(s) to 202.741.2405
    2. Or mail the form(s) to this address:
    1. Patients/Physicians Mail Request to:
      2150 Pennsylvania Ave, NW Suite G-206 
      Washington, DC 20037 
      Phone: 202.741.2404 
      Fax: 202.741.2405 

    2. Insurance/Law Firm or Agent/Other Mail Request to:
      2021 K Street NW, 
      Suite 408 
      Washington DC, 20006 
      Phone: 202.741.2404 
      Fax: 202.741.2431 

You can request your records be mailed back to you or feel free to arrange to pick them up from the address above. However, to ensure patient privacy medical records will not be faxed.

The average turnaround times for requests are:

Request Type Processing Time
Patient 5-7 Business Days
Disability 7-14 Business Days
Legal 7-14 Business Days
Insurance 10-14 Business Days
Continuation of Care, Physicians Office, Clinics 3-5 Business Days


Thank you for trusting The GW Medical Faculty Associates with your health care.

Authorization to Release Protected Health Information

Authorization for Disclosure or Access of Protected Health Information