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May 4, 2020

Right now, only some patients can get preventive full-body exams, Dr. Adam Friedman, professor of dermatology at George Washington University's School of Medicine in Washington, D.C., told TODAY.

May 1, 2020

We soon will be re-entering “normality.” The COVID-19 surge and social distancing will pass. Someday soon all of us who have sheltered in place, stood 6 feet apart, gloved and masked will venture back into familiar spaces where there are people in close contact. What will a return to normality…

April 24, 2020

Emergency physicians are now deploying a home-monitoring program for patients who test positive for COVID-19 in the emergency room but are then released from the hospital. Leading the program and subsequent study are Drs. Neal Sikka and Erin Kane.

“There is a significant amount of anxiety…

April 14, 2020

Dr. Adam Friedman, Department of Dermatology warns that any claims that a medical cannabinoid-based product can kill COVID-19 are “absolutely unsubstantiated”. There is no evidence that these products contain any antiviral properties, and patients should be advised against believing such claims…