In the Spotlight: Adrian Frierson, IV Compounding Supervisor

March 17, 2021

When Adrian Frierson stepped in to the IV Compounding Supervisor position at the George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates (GW MFA) in May 2013 he brought with him prior experience in the role at Dana Farber Cancer Institute and a decade of experience working in pharmacy. Since his arrival, Frierson has time and again used his expertise and drive to help his colleagues and ensure patients have the best experience possible.


What does your role entail?

My title is IV Compounding Supervisor and I compound chemotherapy for cancer patients. I make the IVs, the intravenous solutions with chemotherapy in them, for patients to be infused.


How long have you been with GW MFA?

I’ve been at GW MFA since May 2013. Previously, I was the IV Compounding Supervisor at Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Massachusetts.

I am from South Carolina originally and had moved to Boston for that job. When the Boston bombing happened, we were one of the places that serviced those injured people and I actually lived three blocks away from where the explosion occurred. That happened and shocked me. I felt like I needed to go somewhere else.

I got online and started searching and the next day got a phone call from human resources at GW MFA and came down for the interview the following week and was pretty much offered the job on the spot. I was asked to move down in nine days. I moved down to Washington, D.C. and walked into this job and never left.


How has your role evolved since 2013?

My role has evolved a few different times. I’ve always been doing the exact same thing, but when I came in at this position, it was just me. The idea was to revamp and bring new people in, but we needed to make sure the structure was right to bring a larger staff in. From day one until May 2019, I ran the show. Now I have two IV compounding technicians working with me.


How did you get into the field?

I have been working in pharmacy since my junior year of high school in 2003, and have been in pharmacy ever since.


What makes you successful in your job?

Not only knowing my job and how I work together with others in my area, but also learning the workflows of the nurses, medical assistants, and the doctors so the patients can have the best experience that they possibly can in our area.


What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

Traveling. I’ve been to 11 countries. I can’t even begin to talk about everywhere I’ve been in the United States. I love traveling more than anything.

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