In the Spotlight: Kyle Majchrzak, Business Development Manager & Facility Security Officer

April 29, 2021
Kyle Majchrzak Headshot

Prior to joining the George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates (GW MFA), Kyle Majchrzak wanted to ensure that the next position would be something he felt passionate about and where he could feel like he was a part of a team. The work he has done at the GW MFA has allowed Majchrzak to continue to grow both personally and professionally. As the business development manager and facility security officer (FSO), Majchrzak has the chance to travel both here and abroad in support of the GW MFA’s contracts while working with great team members who always support one another.


Q: What is your role at the GW MFA, and what does it entail?

Majchrzak: I am the business development manager and facility security officer. I also serve as the program manager for a number of contracts that we support in the Department of Emergency Medicine. As business development manager, I am primarily responsible for managing and maintaining all current contracts as well as cultivating and securing new business opportunities. In my role as the FSO, I manage and maintain our facility security clearance and all personal security clearances the GW MFA holds and our employees are required to maintain while in support of our two contracts in the Middle East: the Kuwait-Base Operations and Security Support Services (KBOSSS) and Qatar Base Operations and Support Services (QBOSS) contracts. For KBOSSS and QBOSS, we provide all EMS/pre-hospital support on the U.S. Army bases. I also provide all day-to-day operational support for the contracts referenced above as well as the contract we have with the Pan-American Health Organization here in Washington, D.C. and the Americas.


Q: How long have you been with the GW MFA?

Majchrzak: I have been with the MFA for almost 16.5 years now. Previously, I spent about two and a half years at the American Red Cross national headquarters as the AED program coordinator. When the opportunity at the GW MFA became available, I was excited to oversee the AED program here, be a part of such a reputable institution, and be able to work in D.C. I also hoped that the GW MFA would offer me both personal and professional growth and I was right on all accounts.


Q: During your time here have you served in other roles?

Majchrzak: Yes, I was originally hired as the AED program coordinator. I then provided oversight to all GW MFA staffing at the Washington Convention Center, before transitioning into the role of the program manager in support of the QBOSS Program in Qatar. I then became the senior program manager overseeing both the QBOSS and KBOSSS programs in Qatar and Kuwait and then finally the operations manager for the Department of Emergency Medicine before transitioning into my current role.


Q: Have there been any lessons you have learned while working here?

Majchrzak: Probably the best lesson I have learned has been how best to manage and support a team. During my tenure in emergency medicine, I have had the pleasure of having managers that lead by example, support the team, and allow them the opportunity to both succeed and fail as sometimes a bigger lesson can be learned from a failure than a success. The leadership in the Department of Emergency Medicine provides guidance and support and truly wants the team to work independently and have the latitude to do so. We are never micro-managed and are allowed to grow. I hope I have followed and continue to follow those lessons with my teams.


Q: What excites you the most about your role?

Majchrzak: My team and the challenges that we face. I work in a department that both allows and encourages innovation. We have a leadership that wants us to grow and expand beyond traditional medicine. We are allowed to look for opportunities that foster this growth, whether it is supporting government contracts, working in the maritime industry, having a 24/7 emergency communications call center to support our customer needs, etc. I oversee teams that are more than 6,000 miles away with an 8-hour time difference and we all work together to provide seamless and quality care to our patients and customers. The two contracts in Kuwait and Qatar provide medical support services to the U.S. Army and I am truly proud and humbled to think that we have the opportunity to play even a small role in helping to support and care for the soldiers who have supported us with sacrifices that we cannot always understand. We are also honored to provide care at the Washington DC Veterans Affairs Medical Center and Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

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