Cancer Survivorship Clinic

Discovering Life After Cancer

We know that when treatment for cancer is over, your journey is not over. This is a new beginning.

Our Thriving After Cancer survivorship clinic provides comprehensive care to patients who have completed treatment for cancer. At each visit we step back and take a look at the whole picture, including each part of your treatment, your health habits, and your current physical and emotional well-being. We focus on any symptoms you may be having and educate you about the potential late and long term effects of your treatment. We provide clear directions for screening and we encourage you to make healthy lifestyle choices.


For Survivors of Adult Cancers: 202.741.2200
For Survivors of Childhood Cancers: 202.476.2510

Our team of professionals is dedicated to addressing your needs. We work with internists and registered dietitians and refer you to a specialist when necessary. We believe all patients treated for cancer deserve this type of collaborative care and information.

You’ll receive an individualized survivorship care plan, which includes a summary of the treatment you completed and a written plan containing follow up care and screening recommendations.

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Meet Our Team

Our team of professionals is dedicated to addressing your needs. We work with internists and registered dietitians and refer you to a specialist when necessary. We believe all patients treated for cancer deserve this type of collaborative care and information.

Our Team Includes:

  • Dr. Michael Czarnecki - Associate Professor of Medicine
  • Jennifer Dean, MD - Pediatric Oncologist, private practice; partner
Clinic Services


The Survivorship Clinic works with a team of Social Workers and Psychiatrists who offer a free counseling program for cancer survivors. We also offer a variety of resources for counseling in the community.


For Patients

  • Talk to your social worker or provider about regularly scheduled cancer specific educational programs or programs in the community. We also offer a monthly education series on various topics for cancer survivors. See calendar for up to date events: click here.

For Providers

Exercise and Cancer Rehab

  • Referrals to local and community physical therapists are available at your Survivorship Clinic visit.
  • GW outpatient cancer rehabilitation
  • TACfit program- graduate students from the GW exercise and nutrition science department are available for one on one consultations and goal setting to increase you physical activity level.
  • For more information, read Exercise for Life


Consultations with our neurology provider are available during your Survivorship Clinic visit.


Consultations with our registered dietitian are available during your Survivorship Clinic visit.

Referrals & Resources

Follow Up Care in DC for Cancer Survivors

Fertility and Sexual Health

The Survivorship clinic can make referrals to fertility specialists and to the Center for Sexual Health


Referrals to genetic counselors for counseling and genetic testing.

Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine is available through the GW Center for Integrative Medicine.

Complimentary Medicine

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Legal Assistance

Assistance is available from Volunteers at GW University Law School help with power of attorney, wills, legal guardianship etc.

Palliative Care

Multidisciplinary team including geriatric physicians and oncology social worker aim to provide palliative care to any patient diagnosed with cancer.

Reconstructive Surgery

Here at The MFA, we have doctors who specialize in a range of reconstructive surgery such as breast reconstruction, head and neck reconstruction and vascular reconstruction.

Reimbursement and Financial Assistance

  • See NCCN’s website for a list of reimbursement resources categorized by individual cancer. Click Here
  • To see if you qualify for assistance visit the chronic disease fund website.
  • You may qualify for reimbursement assistance. We have a cancer reimbursement specialist onsite to assist you with this process. Please call (202) 741-3319 to speak to our reimbursement specialist.

Sleep Disorders

Referrals to a sleep specialist and treatment of sleep disorders available through the sleep clinic.

Support for Families and Caregivers

Support information for kids whose parents have been diagnosed with cancer, caregivers, young adults, and individuals diagnosed with cancer.

Treatment & Follow Up Guidelines

Survivors of Adult Cancers

Survivors of Childhood Cancers

Washington DC Cancer Screenings
Support for Families & Caregivers

Cancer Support Resources in Washington, DC

For Kids Whose Parents Have Been Diagnosed with Cancer:

For Caregivers:

For Young Adults:

For Individuals Diagnosed with Cancer:

A wealth of organizations provide support and education. Talk to your oncology social worker at (202) 741-2218, navigator or nurse to find about organizations that may be helpful to you.


Latest News

January 27, 2022

The George Washington University (GW) is pleased to announce that Julie E. Bauman, MD, MPH, will join its academic medical enterprise to serve as the director of the GW Cancer Center. In this role, Bauman will build on the momentum of the last five years to enhance the clinical, research, and…