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Great sex. Everyone thinks about it. Everyone wants it.

But due to a variety of very real physical and/or psychological health issues, it’s far more difficult to achieve than we are led to believe. On TV, in the movies, in romance novels, everyone seems to be having great sex - almost effortlessly. In reality, that’s just not the case.

Luckily, with all the medical options available to men and women, great sex is a very real possibility. Because now, we know how to treat many causes of sexual dysfunction.

There are countless therapies and treatments for men and women that will truly change your life for the better. And whether the treatment for your problem takes one visit or needs a multidisciplinary approach, we’re confident there is an answer to help you and your partner rekindle not only your passion, but also your ability to enjoy that passion fully - maybe even more than before.

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For Men

You’re not alone. Young. Old. Gay. Straight. Millions of men suffer from the inability to get and keep an erection. Way back in 1979, when people weren’t talking about erectile dysfunction, 42% of men admitted to experiencing some erectile problems. (The Kinsey Data: Marginal Tabulations of the 1938–1963 Interviews Conducted by the Institute for Sex Research, Paul Gebhard and Alan Johnson, 1979)

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For Women

You are not alone. Many women do everything they can to avoid sex for one reason: it hurts them. The medical term is: dyspareunia. You may have heard the term “vestibulodynia” or “vulvodynia.” This refers to pain at the entrance of the vagina, or pain with sexual insertion. It affects women of all ages, of all shapes and sizes, of all ethnic, socioeconomic and religious backgrounds.

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For Couples

The first multidisciplinary center for sexual health in the Mid-Atlantic region, we take a comprehensive approach to your sexual well-being.

We understand that there are often very simple reasons sexual relations are no longer pleasurable for you. We also know, that there are medical reasons that sexual relations may have never been pleasurable for you. Our job is to find and to address those reasons.

We’re in the business of making sure couples can physically express their love for one another without pain, without embarrassment.

We gladly offer our services to heterosexual couples and to gay couples. We strongly believe that every human being deserves to love and be loved. And it’s our mission to make sure both of you enjoy a healthy sex life.