Employee Spotlight: Barbara Kidwell, Registered Medical Assistant

August 4, 2021
Barbara Kidwell

Barbara Kidwell’s validation and motivation in her work as a registered medical assistant with the George Washington University (GW) Medical Faculty Associates (MFA) comes from the people around her: doctors, nurses, coworkers, supervisor, and patients. They tell her she’s going to go far with her positive attitude and determined work ethic, and they enjoy her presence. Here, she talks about what makes her role special and why she loves to help others.


Q. What is role at the GW MFA?

Kidwell: My role at GW is a registered medical assistant. That entails interacting with the patients, recording vitals, administering medications, updating medical history, and ensuring that the patient gets the medical attention they need. It also requires being a team player, communicating with those around you, and being that health care professional who keeps the clinic running smoothly.


Q. What are you most proud of in your time here?

Kidwell: I am most proud of being the person on my floor who most can come to, even if it’s to plan a potluck, help with a test question, train for procedures done in the clinic, order supplies, or just helping and giving the results needed. That is a good enough accomplishment for me.


Q. What have you learned at the GW MFA?

Kidwell: I’ve learned that some patients really rely on us for help; that’s when I have patience with people, because even when they’re feeling bad and don’t always have the best attitudes, I’ve learned to keep that smile and to help as best as I can. I’ve learned that if I stay positive and keep myself motivated, I can give better care to my patients.


Q. What inspires you in your position?

Kidwell: My co-workers and my supervisor inspire me; we lean on each other when needed. My patients inspire me by letting me know that my demeanor is pleasant and professional. They tell me to never lose that attitude because it will take me further someday. Working here at the GW MFA and meeting all the wonderful doctors and nurses who say, “Don’t you ever leave,” that motivates me to become even better and do my job well.

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