Employee Spotlight: Gloria DeCosta

September 16, 2021
In the Spotlight: Gloria DeCosta

In her more than a dozen years of experience at the George Washington University (GW) Medical Faculty Associates (MFA), Executive Coordinator Gloria J. DeCosta has seen the physician practice go through immense growth. During the GW MFA’s expansion, DeCosta drew on her stores of flexibility and competence to become one of the most highly regarded members of her team — and she counts those teammates as truly enjoyable to be around. Here, she describes her path to GW, what she’s learned, and what she enjoys about the GW MFA.


Q. What is your role at GW, and what does it entail?

DeCosta: My position here at the GW MFA is executive coordinator. I support the associate general counsel in the legal office and the chief compliance officer in the Department of Compliance, as well as the staff. My duties also include those of office manager.


Q. How did you get started at GW?

DeCosta: I began working at the GW MFA in 2009 as a temporary employee. After about two months, the General Counsel, with whom I worked at that time, asked if I would like to stay. Of course, my answer was “Yes,” and at that point, I became a permanent employee.


Q. What accomplishments here are you particularly proud of?

DeCosta: I am particularly grateful that I have been able to adjust and stand firm in accomplishing the duties of my position despite the many changes that have come about during my time here. In the legal department, I have worked under six general counsels, all of with whom I was able to create a good rapport, and they all found me to be dependable, hardworking, and trustworthy. As the organization has grown tremendously throughout the years, there have been many new challenges that have empowered me to grow in my position.


Q. What lessons have you learned while working here?

DeCosta: Most of all, I have learned to be flexible, especially with the many changes that have occurred throughout my nearly 13 years of employment here. I have learned that working along with people is vital and that even though I am a small piece of the MFA puzzle, nevertheless, the manner in which I perform is important to the forward movement and development of the company and its vision.


Q. What excites or inspires you the most about your job?

DeCosta: I enjoy assisting others and helping them in accomplishing their tasks. It energizes me when a new employee comes on board and they know they can come to me for help when

needed. [I can] set the pace for them to see that we take pride in working together here at the GW MFA.


Q. What do you like about the GW MFA?

DeCosta: There are many people here at the GW MFA with whom I not only enjoy working, but also enjoy for who they are. I really like the diversity of the company. Not only do I see myself as a help to the legal and compliance departments, but also to whomever in the organization may need my assistance. I really do enjoy my time here at the GW MFA.

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