Employee Spotlight: Pearl Williams, Registered Medical Assistant

March 21, 2022
Pearl Williams

There are many factors that can keep a person at their job: an excellent employer, a great mission, or wonderful coworkers. For Pearl Williams, a registered medical assistant at the George Washington University (GW) Medical Faculty Associates (MFA), it’s the people. The patients she’s met during her tenure at the GW MFA, the new patients she meets every day, and her coworkers have been her source of contentment. Here, Williams takes us through her time at the GW MFA and what she’s most proud of.

What is your role at GW and what does it entail?

Williams: My role at GW MFA is a registered medical assistant in the Division of Rheumatology, Department of Medicine, at 2300 M St., 9th floor. I am responsible for triaging patients, reconciling medications, and updating patients’ chart information. I am also responsible for ordering and maintaining the supplies for the rheumatology providers, and I assist with nurse injections and other POC (point-of-care) testing throughout the clinic.

How did you get started at GW?

Williams: I started working at GW MFA in May of 2008. I worked [in a specialty clinic] at 2150 Pennsylvania Ave. on the 3rd floor. In the clinic, I worked in the pulmonary and nephrology divisions. Also, on occasion, I would work with endocrinology and rheumatology (when the two were located at the 2150 Pennsylvania Ave. location). Then in November 2015, an opportunity opened up, and I moved to 2300 M St. and started working full-time with rheumatology.

What accomplishments at the GW MFA are you particularly proud of?

Williams: I am honored to work in the Department of Medicine. I have met and worked alongside of a lot of wonderful and kind coworkers and providers. I have been given the opportunity to work with great individuals who always feel they can be themselves in our work environment. I have always developed a very good working relationship with my coworkers. That bond and friendship has allowed me to stay at the MFA as long as I have.

What lessons have you learned while working here?

Williams: The workdays will be easier if we help one another throughout the day. If we practice teamwork, all our days will be happier and lot less stressful.

What excites or inspire you the most about your job?

Williams: Meeting patients and keeping up with patients I met when I first started here.

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