Global Health Services

Global Health Services (GHS) is an exclusive medical support program for corporations and individuals requiring a personalized and confidential link to immediate medical services. From an acute individual emergency to mass casualty guidance, GHS will be there to assist. As your trusted partner and healthcare advocate, we provide a twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week medical response center:

GHS services include:

  • 24/7 access to a GHS physician: Consult with a doctor by phone, email or other pre-approved technology twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Access to the Global Medical Network: Be referred to trusted and confidential physicians and healthcare facilities worldwide from the Global Medical Network.
  • Coordinated Care Management: We assist you through any hospital or clinical experience. This includes call ahead assistance, discussions with your treating physician (s) and follow up after discharge.
  • Medical Crisis Planning: In the event of a mass casualty event, GHS will assist in the response and coordination to provide necessary expert level knowledge on various medical situations.
  • Repatriation: If you need to go home, or be evacuated to a higher level of medical care, GHS will coordinate this process.
  • Gateway: GHS offers an integration of case management and repatriation services with our network of physician specialists. We will arrange for the patient to be brought into The George Washington University Medical Center and evaluated by an Emergency Medicine Physician.
  • Pre-trip travel assessments: These reports ensure you have expert health information and vaccination recommendations for the areas you plan to visit.
  • Medicine Chests: GHS physicians and staff can recommend and arrange for medications and equipment to be carried while you travel.
person using an ipad with medical holograms surrounding it

The Worldwide Emergency Communications Center

From any location in the world, members have direct access to a GHS physician via our in-house "Worldwide Emergency Communications Center" or WECC. The WECC is staffed by medically trained operators who assist our physicians and clients during the medical consultation process by providing dedicated logistic and communication support. The WECC ensures that GHS members have immediate access via phone, email, video or fax to emergency medicine physicians as well as over 550 specialty physicians for remote consultation, medical direction and advice.

Don’t let travel limit your access to quality medical care

person rolling a suitcase walking by a window with an airplane flying

While away from home medical concerns often arise that need immediate medical attention. Unfortunately, your primary care doctor or health insurance may not always be able to help you. From avoiding a hospital visit in Bangkok, providing expert level knowledge for exposed workers in an overseas location or discussing the need for a swine flu vaccination, as a GHS member you don’t have to let travel limit your access to quality medical care.

Do you have a unique need for medical services? Give us a call! Our Global Health Services team will gladly work with you to create a convenient and customized service package to meet your exact needs.

Please note: Global Health Services is not a substitute for health insurance. It is designed to augment your existing insurance policy or dedicated primary care doctor.

To learn more about our services please contact 202-741-2936.