Sexual Assault Support Services

TeleSANE (Telehealth Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) Services

The GW MFA provides 24/7 telemedical support with sexual assault forensic exams (SAFE). Our mission is to provide high-quality, trauma-informed care to individuals who have experienced sexual assault in diverse settings, whether it be onboard an ocean vessel, working in remote or austere environments, or in locations lacking immediate access to a trained healthcare provider. Since most clinicians do not routinely treat patients who have experienced sexual assault, and in certain environments, access to a clinician is not readily available, 24/7 access to specialized providers ensures the provision of high-quality, trauma-informed care and appropriate evidence collection.

female provider on a computer call

The Team

The Worldwide Emergency Communications Center (WECC) is a 24/7 medically staffed call center that facilitates the intake of all new and existing cases, whether through a phone call, video call, telemedicine kit, or email. After the WECC operator briefly collects intake information, the TeleSANE provider joins through the client’s preferred method of communication and works with the provider and patient to provide trauma informed care from start to finish. 

Telehealth sexual assault nurse examiners (TeleSANE) are on-call 24/7, prepared to assist with sexual assault response. Our team of TeleSANE providers have extensive experience both in Washington DC’s fast-paced urban environment and in the telemedicine realm. The TeleSANE provider works with the patient and treating provider every step of the way. This includes an initial patient/provider discussion, live guidance and support through the sexual assault forensic exam (SAFE) (including evidence collection), recommendations for follow-up care, a debrief session following the SAFE exam, testimony for cases adjudicated in the United States upon subpoena, and equipment review and recommendations. 

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