Rescue Room

The Rescue Room may be intermittently closed during the pandemic due to staffing issues. Please call ahead for availability (202) 741-2700.


Individuals who suffer an acute, severe migraine headache that persists despite self-administered therapy typically have one of two options: either seek care at an emergency room or simply “suffer in silence” until the headache attack eventually ends. The first option is time-consuming, often uncomfortable, costly and not necessarily guaranteed to result in an effective treatment outcome. The discomfort and disadvantages of “suffering in silence” speak for themselves.

Our headache “Rescue Room” offers a third and more attractive alternative. Patients who are actively being followed in The Headache Center and who are experiencing an acute, severe migraine headache that is not responding to self-administered therapy may call the Center Monday-Friday at (202) 741-2700 to request in-clinic treatment, but please note that the Rescue Room may be closed intermittently during the pandemic due to staffing issues.

Treatment Options

Treatment typically involves intravenous hydration and subcutaneous, intramuscular or intravenous administration of a medication or a combination of medications known to be effective in the treatment of a persistent migraine attack. The “Rescue Room” is located within the headache clinic itself, and patients will be treated by providers who are familiar with them and with their headache management.


  • Acute headache sufferers seeking treatment in the “Rescue Room” should be established patients at The Headache Center who are actively being followed (“actively” implies a clinic visit within the previous 6 months).
  • Patients seeking treatment in the “Rescue Room” ideally should call early in the day to ensure that there is time for them to be evaluated and treated before the clinic’s closing time.
  • Patients may use the “Rescue Room” no more than two times within any 30 day period.
  • Patients presenting to the “Rescue Room” should bring a companion age 18 or older who is capable of transporting them home or to another secure location after treatment has been completed.
  • We do not treat patients with opiates/opioids (‘narcotics’) or other controlled substances in our “Rescue Room.”