DC Mother-Infant Behavioral Wellness Program

The purpose of this research study is to better understand how different types of mental health care can help pregnant women and mothers with infants under the age of 1 feel less stressed. Stress, depression, and/ or anxiety that occurs during pregnancy or after having a baby can affect can have a negative effect on women and their babies. Your participation will help to better understand what types of mental health care are most likely to benefit pregnant women and mothers who are Black/of African Descent who are experiencing stress, anxiety, and/or depression. The study team hopes that your participation shows the effectiveness of different types of services and treatments on improving the outcomes of pregnant women, mothers, and infants born to women who are Black/of African Descent and experience stress, anxiety and/or depression.

This study is recruiting participants, aged 18-45. 

Principal Investigator(s)
Jennifer Keller, MD MPH
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