OB/GYN: Appointment Information

Close Up of mom holding baby's hand

We are an academic-based group practice. You’ll see one of our obstetricians, certified nurse-midwives, or nurse practitioners regularly, either in-person or virtually. We offer routine prenatal screening and testing in our offices to monitor your baby’s growth and your overall health. Later in the pregnancy, you will be seen more often.

Your Provider and Care Team

We value continuity of care with a provider and care team who knows you. You have the opportunity to see other providers in the group who are also dedicated to your care.

Prenatal Visit Schedule

Please see “Prenatal Care Information and Appointments” on the following page for information about your prenatal visits. Please keep in mind this schedule may be altered to meet your unique needs.


We will help you enroll in the Babyscripts™ mobile app during your first in-person prenatal visit. Babyscripts offers virtual health care support through your mobile device or tablet. This includes educational materials in English and Spanish and remote monitoring of weight, blood pressure and other aspects of your pregnancy.

*Please note, depending on your care level need, appointments may be either in-person at our office or virtually via a GW Virtual Health visit using a computer, smartphone or tablet.

About Your Appointments

Some aspects of care may be modified based on your specific needs throughout your pregnancy.

At Each Prenatal Visit

  • Weight and blood pressure will be monitored and this will also be monitored in Babyscripts
  • You will listen to the heartbeat of your developing baby (after 12 weeks of pregnancy)
  • We will ask you about the baby’s movements (starting at around 20 weeks of pregnancy)
  • We will ask you about symptoms including cramps/contractions, bleeding and leaking of fluid
  • Additional testing may be needed for different conditions, this will be discussed with your provider.

Please refer to page 6 of our GW Obstetric Guide for a breakdown of discussion topics and to-do's for each of your upcoming appointments throughout your pregnancy.