COVID-19 Re-Opening Support Services

Offering Re-Opening Support Services to Businesses in the Washington, DC Area

COVID-19 is a formidable enemy: we know. The clinicians and public health experts in the GW Department of Emergency Medicine (DEM) have decades of experience mitigating public health emergencies and responding to environmental and man-made disasters globally. As the largest Emergency Medicine and Urgent Care group in Washington, DC, we have gained critical experience on how to fight COVID-19. Now we are all ready for the next step: to open up our economy and re-establish our vibrant way of life. Our health experts at the GW Department of Emergency Medicine stand ready to assist you on developing and carrying out your re-opening plans.

We are grateful for the trust, support and generosity exhibited by our whole community over the last few months. To have a sustained and successful recovery, we must be meticulous in our planning and vigilant in the performance of our duties. A reopening strategy needs to be well-researched, methodical and based on best practices and scientific knowledge.

Over decades, we have consulted with local, regional and international businesses on their health-related planning, risk mitigation and recovery services. Our proven track record of success comes from a winning formula based on scientific expertise and business acumen. Our experts work on the front lines and understand the concerns of customers and employers as they navigate re-opening our places of work, leisure, worship and learning. We can provide science based and best practice guidance to support you and address issues related to PPE and cleaning policies, testing, quarantine, contact tracing, return to work, and telehealth.

It is time to start planning the recovery of your enterprise. We are committed to helping you do so in a logical, safe, affordable and sustainable way. You relied on the clinicians and public health experts of the GW Department of Emergency Medicine (DEM) to care for you and your loved ones during the first part of this crisis: we pledge to support you through the recovery phase as well.

GW Department of Emergency Medicine recovery phase services will include:

  • Initial consult and needs assessment
  • Guidance on policy and procedure
  • Medical direction and evaluation of cases/ concerns
  • Employee monitoring
  • Testing
  • Virtual Health
  • Contact Tracing
  • Vaccination guidance and education

During the COVID-19 crisis, the GW Department of Emergency Medicine stood up the first testing sites in the District of Columbia, drive-thru and walk-up, deployed a strike team to assist with hot spots in the city and produced training videos on how to deploy, procure and properly use protective equipment (PPE).Protect your local community and employees.

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Recent Projects

We are healthcare providers with a mission-to help you recover after COVID-19, thoughtfully and safely. We have a strong track record of success around the world as emergency medical consultants.

Staff Emergency Medical Response supporting US Military

We provide Paramedic level Emergency Medical Services with associated physician-led medical direction, oversight, and training to staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year EMS System on five (5) U.S. Military Bases in Kuwait. Support services include: medical evaluations, staffing, credentialing, licensing, training, certification and continuing medical education (CME) to ensure 100% staffing, compliance and support.

Embassy Support

The MFA rapidly established a 24/7 COVID-19 inquiry line to support all embassy staff and citizens of a country residing in the US.

COVID-19 311 Call Center

In support of the DC Department of Health, Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Agency, MFA developed and deployed on-site telehealth services via a call center for DC residents during the COVID-19 epidemic. Services include:

  • Decrease call from concerned residents
  • Triage patients against a standard protocol
  • Identify sick patients that need to be transported to a healthcare facility
  • Identify infected patients that can be monitored or treated under isolation at home
  • Provide remote monitoring with home quarantined patients.

COVID-19 PUI Sample Collection

In Support of DC Department of Health, Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Agency, MFA developed and deployed innovative on demand mobile screening, nasal swab sample collection, and testing services for DC residents during the COVID-19 pandemic. Service available seven days a week and can scale from single patient to several hundred.


GW Department of Emergency Medicine enhances health and safety programs for WorldStrides (Charlottesville, VA), an education and travel experience vendor, by providing medical direction and "Doctors on Call" program.

More information regarding our involvement in WorldStrides