Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

GW Trauma and Critical Care Advanced Practice Provider Residency Program

1. What makes GW’s Program Unique?
GW’s APP Residency Program focuses on both trauma and critical care through a collaborative team approach. Residents will receive training in both surgical and medical management of complex and critically injured patients. This program fosters both strong critical thinking skills and procedural skills, all from APPs who are working right alongside them.

2. Where is GW University Hospital located?
We are located in NW Washington DC, in the heart of downtown just blocks from the Lincoln Memorial and the White House in a neighborhood called Foggy Bottom. Our physical address is 900 23rd St NW, Washington DC 20037.

3. What is the average number of applications received and number selected to interview?
Recruitment occurs once per calendar year from March through April. This year's deadline for applications is May 12th. Applications are reviewed by a panel of APPs using objective guidelines and preliminary phone interviews are conducted with all applicants. Applicants that are selected for our full interview process will be contacted by the end of April. In past years, we have received as many as 50-60 applicants for our 2 APP residency positions. We select approximately 10 candidates to participate in our interview process. We accept 2 residents into the program yearly.

4. What is the interview process like?
Applicants who are selected to interview will have the opportunity to meet with several members of the APP residency committee at GW including the residency program directors, ICU leadership, surgery leadership, APP chiefs, previous APP residency graduates, and the MD program director. *** Please note that the decision for in person vs. virtual interviews will be made in accordance with local and facility policies related to COVID.***

Candidates will be asked a series of questions about their clinical experience and background, and also their specific interest in pursuing our residency program. There will be plenty of time allotted for candidates to ask questions to the interview panel as well.

5. If accepted into the GW APP Residency Program, when can applicants expect to be notified?
Applicants selected for a position in the program will be notified in mid to late May of 2023. Applicants will have until June 23rd, 2023 to provide confirmation of acceptance.

6. When does the GW APP residency start?
The program start date is November, 2023.

7. How long is the GW APP residency program?
The program is 12 months. There is a sample rotation schedule available on the main page of our website.

8. How many hours per week should the APP resident expect to work?
Residents are expected to work 60-80 hrs/week including a mix of day shifts, night shifts, weekends and some holidays. This does include protected time for didactic education.

9. What is the salary for the APP resident?
APP residents will be compensated with a yearly stipend and also be provided with the full benefits package that comes with being employed at GW Hospital. Benefits include paid vacation days, health/dental insurance, CME allowance of $1500, and stipends for transportation and cell phone service. APP residents will also receive full access to the GW University Medical School library.

10. Who will be training the APP residents over the course of the rotations?
Training during each rotation will be provided through multiple sources including other APPs, ICU fellows and attending physicians. Each rotation is unique and provides our APP residents an invaluable experience by allowing them to train with various members of our ICU, trauma, and subspeciality teams.

Rather than assigning the APP resident a “preceptor” for rotations, they will be assigned a mentor. The mentor will provide feedback and support and will be available for any concerns or issues that may come up during the program.

11. Do APP residents get time off?
We are happy to accommodate our residents' request for time off using the PTO accrued during the residency program. We will work to honor your time off request and holiday preferences as best we can. APP residents should expect to work at least one summer holiday and one winter holiday.

12. How much course work/curriculum work will be expected each week? Are there exams?
There will be weekly assigned readings and quizzes via an online learning platform. There are also lectures available during many rotations along with journal club, monthly M&M’s, and monthly APP grand rounds. Residents are encouraged to pursue as many learning opportunities as possible during the program.

There will also be a required comprehensive exam at the end of the 12 month program.

13. Are APP residents required to complete a research project?
Yes. Each resident will need to complete a program research project or quality initiative to present at our APP grand rounds towards the end of the residency program. The resident may elect to pursue presenting this topic at a regional or national conference as well.

14. How are APP residents evaluated during the program?
Performance evaluations will be completed at 90 days, 6 months, and at the completion of the residency program. Feedback will be obtained from multiple team members throughout your rotations. There will also be the opportunity for the APP resident to provide self-evaluation and feedback regarding their experience in the program.

15. Will APP residents be provided with formal guidelines and expectations for their program?
Yes! We will provide each APP resident with an orientation guidebook outlining goals, expectations, rotation schedule, reading list and information on how to access all necessary resources.

16. What is it like to work at GWUH?
If chosen for our residency program, you will be surrounded by the brightest, most talented and no doubt the friendliest group of APPs and attendings you could ever imagine. We work in a very supportive, positive, and collegial environment and we are proud to continue to foster those elements of our workplace.

17. Who can I contact if I have questions about the program?
Please reach out to the program director, Kate Manzanares via email at